Proactive Advanced Threat Detection - Sandbox


  • Independently top-rated breach detection
  • Detects known and zero day threats
  • Available as hardware, virtual appliance, or cloud-based service
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NSS Labs 침해 탐지 시스템 테스트: FortiSandbox and FortiGate

NSS Labs 침해 탐지 시스템 테스트: FortiSandbox and FortiGate

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Proactive Mitigation, Advanced Threat Visibility, and Flexible Deployment

Today’s threats are increasingly sophisticated and often bypass traditional malware security by masking their malicious activity. A sandbox augments your security architecture by validating threats in a separate, secure environment. FortiSandbox offers a powerful combination of advanced detection, automated mitigation, actionable insight, and flexible deployment to stop targeted attacks and subsequent data loss. It's also a key component of our Advanced Threat Protection solution.

Independently top-rated: NSS Labs “Recommended” for breach detection and ICSA labs certified for advanced threat defense

Broad integration: extends advanced threat protection to your next generation firewall, web application firewall, secure email gateway, and endpoint protection platform

Intelligent automation: speeds mitigation by sharing real-time updates to disrupt threats at the origin and subsequent immunization across the entire organization and the global community

All-in-one: simplifies deployment and reduces complexity by covering all protocols in a single common sandbox platform

Flexible deployment: available as a physical or virtual appliance on premises, as well as a cloud-based or managed service

Open extensibility: flexible APIs for easy third-party integration and available day-zero integration with Fabric Alliance partners

FortiSandbox는 지능형 위협 공격으로부터 신속한 보호를 제공합니다.

This quick video describes how sandboxing works to catch advanced threats and why FortiSandbox delivers better protection and better performance as an advanced threat protection solution.

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FortiSandbox 제품 데모

Check out this full working demo of FortiSandbox and explore its multiple deployment modes: sniffer, FortiGate integrated, and manual submission, with actionable dashboards. You will quickly see the value of Fortinet's consolidated approach to inspecting all protocols and performing all functions on one, high-performance appliance.

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