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Fortinet Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

Educational institutions face a myriad of IT challenges and typically must solve them with limited budgets. With ever-increasing BYOD by students, faculty, and administrators, educational organizations need to scale bandwidth and provide secure access. Sensitive information must be secured and compliance standards protecting students, such as HIPAA, CIPA, and FERPA, must be met. While it’s key for educational institutions to have the latest security and networking technologies, limited budgets can make it seem impossible to purchase and then find the resources to manage them.

The Fortinet Education Solution:

  • Reduces complexity with end-to-end consolidated network and wireless access security
  • Saves IT resources with centralized security management for endpoint, firewall, wireless, and WAN connectivity
  • Provides comprehensive security across threat vectors, including DDoS attack mitigation, content filtering, email security (including data loss prevention), and application control
  • Delivers security proven effective in independent third-party testing like NSS Labs

교육용 Fortinet 솔루션

교육용 Fortinet 솔루션

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Education Cyber Threat Assessment Analysis

Education Cyber Threat Assessment Analysis

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End-to-end consolidated network security and wireless access

Data breaches, website defacement, viruses, malware, compliance, and DDoS attacks increasingly force educational institutions to focus time and resources on security instead of teaching. Fortinet’s proven solutions let you reduce costs while improving security and uptime. With a FortiGate next generation firewall (NGFW) you can protect and manage your IT infrastructure with top-rated security and control delivered by FortiGuard Labs

Network security can be seamlessly extended with our authentication for BYOD controls, ultra-secure wireless access points, switches, and endpoint software. This can all be managed from a single pane of glass, saving IT resources and closing security gaps that can occur when using disparate products.


Effective bandwidth management and Quality of Service (QoS)

To manage bandwidth effectively and efficiently, you need granular controls to regulate policy for users and applications. With advanced tools, you can set different policies for different groups (students, faculty, guests), regardless of device. QoS tools let you decide which traffic types take priority.


CIPA compliance

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that schools enforce Internet safety for minors. Fortinet solutions can help you achieve CIPA compliance with granular controls for application use and web content filtering. Antivirus, intrusion prevention (IPS), and data loss prevention can protect against malicious content, unlawful activities, and disclosure of sensitive data.

Solution brief

E-Rate eligible

E-Rate is a tremendous opportunity for schools and libraries to purchase technology at a discount that ensures safe learning environments.

Fortinet, the industry leader in unified threat management (UTM) and next generation firewalls, offers many products and services in the United States that are eligible under the FCC’s E­-Rate program, including UTM/NGFW, wireless access points, network switches, and caching.

For program details and to quickly find Fortinet’s approved E-­Rate CAT 2 solutions, please email or visit our E-­Rate information center.

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