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Why Fortinet for My MSSP?
Fortinet Leads in Managed Security Services

Fortinet Leads in Managed Security Services

Frost and Sullivan Awards Fortinet 2017 Global Company of the Year

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MSSP Advanced Threat Protection Service

MSSP Advanced Threat Protection Service

Fortinet empowers MSSP delivery of complete ATP Managed Security Service

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Next Generation CPE

Next Generation CPE

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Fortinet's Solution for Managed Security Service Providers

Fortinet solutions empower Managed Security Service Providers with best-in-breed, adaptive security that fits any environment or security requirement—from small and medium businesses to enterprise, data center, and service provider networks.

We understand that Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs, network service providers, or systems integrators) have special technology demands and support requirements. That’s why we staff experienced professionals with backgrounds in MSSP operations, product development, and training to manage our industry-leading partner program. We also design our technologies to support multi-tenancy, centralized management, platform flexibility, and high-performance networks. In addition to helping MSSPs secure customer networks more effectively, our approach creates additional revenue streams, higher profit margins, and differentiation from the competition.

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superior technology for next-generation service delivery

Superior technology for next-generation service delivery

To help MSSPs differentiate in an increasingly competitive marketplace, Fortinet provides advanced, security-focused technologies and threat intelligence tailored to broaden the service portfolio of advanced managed security service providers.

Our industry-leading customization, manageability, and multi-tenancy make us the perfect security vendor for competitive MSSPs looking to deliver agile offerings and improve operational efficiencies. Our solutions provide a broad range of capabilities, including NFV/vCPE orchestration, on-demand provisioning, and multi-tenant self service, to secure most any environment—with highly flexible, performant security designed for low-touch deployment and service automation.

centralized management and soc noc operations

Centralized management and SOC/NOC operations

Centralized management and operations are core requirements for MSSPs that manage hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of customer locations at once. Fortinet solutions increase efficiencies, support advanced automation, and deliver actionable insight.

FortiManager, FortiPortal, and other management solutions provide a single pane of glass to ensure uniform application of security policies across thousands of devices—with advanced customization and delegated administration for MSSPs supporting individual customers or customizable customer-facing portals.

FortiSIEM Security Operations Center (SOC) and Networks Operations Center (NOC) capabilities empower MSSPs with patented analytics that are actionable to tightly manage network security, performance, and compliance standards.


Higher return on investment

Fortinet delivers the highest average revenue per unit (ARPU) of any manufacturer due to multiple unified threat management controls, hardware and software performance, and service automation. This allows the MSSP to convert more services into revenue on a single device. 

We also provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with: 

  • Centralized management supporting APIs for service automation
  • Broad options and cost-effective hardware and virtual solutions
  • Simplified, non-user-based subscription and support 
  • One operating system across hardware and virtual platforms

Fortinet develops tools for automation of security deployments, maintenance, and management centralization which dramatically reduces an MSSPs operational costs and improves customer satisfaction.

fortinet mssp expert support

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관리 보안 서비스 운영, 제품 개발 및 교육 분야에서 40년 이상의 경험을 축적한 Fortinet의 특화된 MSSP 팀은 보안 벤더들 사이에서 차별화를 제공하는 주요 요소입니다. Our experts help MSSP partners quickly ramp-up new services, improve launch outcomes, and increase market share. We also assist with product development support, demand generation, engineering, and ROI models to get the highest ARPU from each device.

Together with an innovative MSSP Partner Program as well as the MSSP Center of Excellence—a repository of information and resources from technical to sales to operational. Fortinet knows MSS best practices, customization, and automation needs of providers.

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